Cold diary

Last week had been caught a cold after a long time。A cold virus the possible changes and behavior of physical condition when taken into the body time, etc.、I keep wrote as a reminder for the measures and future reference。I wish for、Defeat is not body building to the virus Nanzo。

12May 9 (day) Day1. Pull start (without awareness)
Pain of some of the throat in the morning。Without applying to particular care because the throat is weak usually。Evening、Was set to Haneda Airport moved to Fukuoka。Two cups of pot and a beer with in the daimyo。None accident until bedtime。(100% strength)

12May 10 (months) Day2. It began to pull
8Get up。10Start shooting than when。Not feel the accident in particular physical condition or because it has stretched mind。13During the 30-minute shooting end。Aware of the cold at lunch。Taking to buy cold medicine at the airport、Much going to bed on an airplane of return。Home from out of the photographed film in Shinjuku Gyoen before Horiuchi color。Even while being attacked by chills and fatigue、Done only organization of digital camera photography worth of jpg data going to bed without bathing。(70% strength)

12May 11 (fire) Day3. peak
Fatigue and joint pain to the extent not get up。Utmost is to reciprocate finish to receive the Horiuchi color。After returning home、30 cut create a design Atari for data and negative scan。Going to bed without subsequent bathing。Painful。(10% strength)

12May 12 (water) Day4. Convalescent
Classes of location of the seminar in the afternoon。Physical fitness was a little recovery feel the limit where walked about three hours。After resting for about an hour in the manga cafe、Nighttime portion to the class of the first grade of a dark room。Malaise and severe cold even during class。Immediately going to bed after returning home。It is terrible runny nose。(30% strength)

12May 13 (wood) Day5. Convalescent
Class of freshman of the dark room from morning。There was no particular problem in the physical condition in the morning、Down only walked about 30 minutes go out to the shooting to Shinjuku from afternoon。After returning home、Creating data 10 cut for the negative scan and the draft。Wake up in the violent night sweats in the middle of the night。(50% strength)

12May 14 (Gold) Day6. Convalescent
Class of freshman of the location from the afternoon。There is a thinking carefully but、11I was able to somehow taken from time to sunset。Intense in the middle of the night night sweats。(70% strength)

12Month 15 (Saturday) Day7. Convalescent
Lecturer of experience admission from afternoon。While falling light rain to Ginza。Cough out but physical strength is almost recovered。After returning home、After a long time of beer。(90% strength)

12May 16 (May) Day8. Full recovery
Refreshing to wake up、To shoot from going to vote for the Shinjuku。Concentration is a little distracted, but、Physical strength is restored to everyday street。(100% strength)

Appetite had never even fall one o'clock。It was rather eat well than usual。Body temperature, but it does not aim、12I feel like has been heat generation on the day。

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