SEAL Masterpiece 500T-X


The absolute need to work、This is one of the equipment never do not want to put in your home。SEAL dry mount press machine。And big、Heavy and、Do high、Other uses are also a huge iron no。(Originally this machine、Uses of flattening is not。)
Borrow a photography school supplies, the flattening of the fibre-based Baryta paper。


It's fibre-based Baryta paper drying。Kostiner-rack。Screen just wondering when and、Folds and can be stored is humanoid。How many pictures can you stack and、Size and spacing are exquisite, can dry in a space-saving plenty of photographic paper。

Tokushima's jamThe completed exhibition prints from Tuesday thanks。

Arimoto Shinya Exhibition "ariphoto 2013 Vol.2
2013.04.16(Tue) – 04.28(Sun) @TOTEM POLE PHOTO GALLERY

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