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Last 20 days、We held the meeting see 7 photo (tentative)。Also Thank you for participating in the many people this time。
How can it was held in the cold rain in the cold of return、Enough to fog up even window glass of the entrance in the hot air。Each of the participants did a presentation that was impassioned。 While in this meeting we us to participate in many young people in their 20s、I think that this time was often especially generation-specific trend can be seen work。A total of 7 people showed me the work、Among them there was a photo taken of the state of his grandfather's funeral in the work of 3 people。Besides there is also such as work to follow their own birth、Private line-of-sight had appeared as the overall trend。Of course, the how, but Shi also I no non、Also important to tackle conscious many of your own point of view so as not buried in the works。On the assumption that to get out if do。Especially in the same generation of writers gather place、Private = and should there is a need to reconsider that necessarily is not the originality。While sensitive to read the era of air、I want to also look at work, such as antidepressant to it。

And gather the kind on Nitsu 雖 (Iedo) is also unexpected was the kind work Yoroshi


Top image is from tomorrow (April 23)3rddgAnd in an exhibitionLin Peng ChennaiMr.。It gave us a large amount show off in the cabinet size photos, including the work of the exhibition schedule。


Of senior photographerNishijima show cautionMr. presentation of a small projector Bring。Also in the photo of the other participants、I had a criticism that would be helpful。


This time deadline in Chinese。
有元伸也Photo exhibition "ariphoto2013 vol.2"Is held up to April 28 (Sunday)。We thank you。

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