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From the student seldom makes a contact print (Contact Sheet)。Because it is often used a black-and-white film of Brownie-size more than size、Generally it is seen what photos if you look at the negative。It is better viewed in transmitted light it using yl mix and loupe、Because it is possible to confirm a lot of information, such as the shadow of detail。
Focus check from the selection of the cut at this stage、It has gone up to planning of print。
And solid grilled making is also cumbersome to take above all time。It can not be ignored stress of beginning to negative the adhesion of the dust。

But "Looking in: Robert Frank & # 8217s; s The Americans' Or 'MAGNUM CONTACT SHEETSAnd "we are looking at, such as、Re-recognize the importance and fun of that Yuku strictly created the image of the work while confirming the solid grilled。

A little while ago、I had the opportunity to make a solid baked at the request of certain magazine。Posting journalAlthough it has already been released、Are again scrutiny and looked at a dozen sheets of solid grilled made at that time。Cut we were not able to print、8It has been in the photo as a small image in the × 10-inch photographic paper。Thus see if、Not mon unexpected cut was also Zongai discarded。
When it comes again make a solid baked from the house of negative、How much time consuming kana of ...?
Well、But it will not do。

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