PHOTOQUAI 2013 _ 2

This exhibition is not experienced until now anyway、We can't tell the good atmosphere of the venue。
Laying concrete in the dry riverbed of the Museum just across the Seine River、Lay out a partition, in the outdoor exhibit has enabled。
The PHOTOQUAIFacebookTo please so we are introduced as well as the delivery of。

photoquai2013_2 a

As this corridor-shaped line works。Photographers from each country participated in the 40's、Its total length is reaching 180 m。


Over the works of Stanley Fung's photographer from Taiwan participated in the Eiffel Tower。Vista and flows the Seine River on the other side。


On a huge canvas photo prints、Coated with PP material, like increasing weatherability。
But was not the originals in a fairly high-definition prints、Sudden rain no problem。From KoreaHein-Kuhn OhMr. works。


In this way will be lit at night。Also in this exhibition for original。Works for me is the center of the screen。


Exhibition is held up to 11/17。So come experience we want to、Enjoy the foot, going to the Paris Photo。

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