PHOTOQUAI 2013 _ 5


But one week from PHOTOQUAI opening has passed、My person is completely back to the everyday、It has been busy preparing the work for the next exhibition。
Although it was only five days has been enhanced really is day-to-day in Paris、Welled up is nostalgia every time look back photos、Also I would think that I want to go。

Leading up to this exhibition、Really now indebted to many people。I would like to thank to take this opportunity。
Your organizer side staff。Especially Tiphaine who has exchanged my dub an English mail and patiently、She was especially taken care of。
Public opening of the day、Visitors Sanae Kikuchi exchange gave me an interpreter in fluent French with and Ikumi Inoue。If there is no girls of your help deep communication did not come true。
Of course everyone who has visitors from the first day until now。The world of the photographers who were face to face in the field。Sakura who came to see the exhibition in the forced march of the night four days from Japan。Day-to-day in Paris was to further enhance。
And above all、Mr to me to choose my work to this event. Bohnchang Koo。It was very helpful to the friendly your personality。

I thank you very much!
Merci beaucoup à tous!

Persistent seems but、PHOTOQUAI, we have held until November 17。Please see by all means is when you come to Paris!

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