Photo Exhibition ends.。And、Japanese。And、Rakuten won!


Photo exhibition and we have today "ariphoto selection vol.4" has ended。All dates in our booth、Everyone that the new photo book I received your purchase、Thank you for。Womochimashite this exhibition、All the time being solo exhibition of the year ends。The next exhibition will be "ariphoto2014 vol.1" scheduled to be held next year in January。Shooting towards the exhibition starting from this。Please expect happens to any exhibition。
Before the group exhibition by TPPG members 'Landscape"There is also a will。Also distributed free booklet that was created in accordance with the exhibition at the gallery this time。The exhibition will be the week of November 19 (Tuesday) to November 24 (Sunday)。This is also my best regards。

After unloading the end go out to the Cock Fair of Hanazono Shrine。Therefore, and in Japan the determination of the Rakuten Eagles、Listening to let me know that Ma-kun has become to carry smb. On shoulders pitcher。Particularly to but not also mean that optimism fan is also the anti-giant、Even if I was also excited about the success of this year's Ma-kun and the team as was invoke besides it、Anyway, there is a very sentiment good news。

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