Photo Exhibition ends.。And、Pictures of sold.。


via Tokyo Camera Style © John Sypal

Photo exhibition, I have now become at the beginning "ariphoto2014 vol.1' Is no longer。All dates in our booth、Our us pledge、We bought a collection of photos and original prints、Thank you for。

And now photo album published by the end of October last year during the exhibition “ariphoto selection vol.4” It has sold out all。2010It was published in the year “Vol.1” Such as is has spent less than two years until sold out. “Vol.2, Vol.3” Gradually been recognized as it published a、Pace until sold out has become faster。And there in the latest issue “Vol.4” Became a result glad that sold out in just three months from launch。Here also I would like to thank to everyone who purchased。

Stock also eliminates clutter that had been kept at home narrow room。Although it spreads what living space will inevitably led to even loneliness that "there is nothing that can be already bought."。The content of this website “Shop” Also broke。It is not only make the next book at an early timing。”ariphoto selection vol.5″ Also stay tuned it is!

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