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In the foreign country、Have you ever met a person who is similar to the friend or best friend?
This exhibition has been composed of photographs taken in Seoul and Hong Kong and Tokyo and Osaka。
Although In the photo it is all the same Asian、There is a feature to be exposed by country and region。
vice versa、Even in the same Japanese、There is also a moment to look to foreigners or it why。
Environment is brought up a variety of human、The man slide into change by the environment。
Humans and the environment、Yukitai capture both in the photograph。

#The Elderly: In older people

Wu, q. / NG HONG KEI
1988Born in Hong Kong S.A.R.
Tokyo Visual Arts picture Department enrolled in

Photo exhibition of we have today seminar students of Keiichi Yamamoto has ended。Everyone I received your visit、Thank you for。
First solo exhibition for him、It seems there was a variety of harvest and encounter。Every time that an exhibition of students every time、Revived memories of his first solo exhibition、Feeling will be the new。
Also it will remain a student's exhibition next exhibition。A student from Hong Kong Wu Kan琦's。before、She has posted a place that is baked roll print、The results You can see。3Held at the session of the month 4 (Tuesday) to March 9 (Sun.)。This is also my best regards。

By the way, the photo above is or would be anywhere in Seoul, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Osaka?。Are'? Who is not Check on your visitors that I thought。

Her to print on roll paper

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