ZENZANON PS110/4.5 Macro (1:1)


Even although I have in view and trying to shoot insects in the mountainous areas of the metropolitan area in the main this summer、Choice of camera and lens is one of the challenges from last year。Given the only close-up performanceRZ 67 intermediate ring macro lensIn, but I had taken、Shooting in trimming the premise is to waste comes into film、Its weight arrow maneuverability similar algae struggle is to be other。Or that there is no good equipment something else?。Was consulted 兒嶌's Lime Light representative to the time of the exhibition of the trouble in Osaka that、We received a very appropriate equipment information。And this lens that was purchased as soon as the return to Tokyo、The title of "ZENZANON PS110 / 4.5 Macro (1:1)"Known as the" equal-magnification Zenzanon "。As its name、Rare as a lens for medium format camera (probably the only one)、It has become a possible magnification shooting alone。This replacement of the intermediate ring in the shooting Ya、It is released from the complicated calculation of exposure multiples。In weight to the bonus also Aina' a significant decrease、This summer of shooting will Hakadori!

Last piece] ariphoto2013 vol.3

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