From photographers peers and juniors who Thankfully this year、43I got held a Maeiwai times th birthday at home。As gifts also of previous years to elaborate flavor。And the hospitality also at least to visitors、The day before had been charged a dozen servings a specialty Indian cuisine from the night。It may be reputation there of taste、Mood Shang。It was a fun night。

Lecture of today and day seminar。And always take the attendance to the street、Two people were absent。If this is thought outrageous、Flow out the song of "Happy birthday" from suddenly behind the PC。Looking back surprised、The emergence of the two people have a cake。Weak myself to such a surprise attack、Calm correspondence Torezu、It would in reddish involuntarily face。I was honestly happy ashamed。

Thank you everyone!。It says 43-year-old wo spend to hand We masu。


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