Installation has been completed。And、New photo album。

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Photo exhibition from tomorrow "ariphoto2014 vol.2Carry-in of "was completed。11Month 2 (Sunday) until the session in、We look forward to everyone for coming almost every day the gallery。There is also the case of rare absence。Such as the gallery situationTwitterBecause we will announce in the way of (@tppg_news)、Can you and I am pleased Follow。

Fresh new photo book "ariphoto selection vol.5" (500 parts limited-1000 yen) also has pre-sale at the exhibition in the Gallery。Please look for the hand at the venue。Although we are making in every 500 parts of limited、Already sold out the preceding four installment Thankfully。It has become quickly to each successive issue even pace until sold out。If you purchase hope as soon as possible please。

Web Shop will be opened after the exhibition end。Please wait a moment。

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