ariphoto 2014 Vol.2


 Arimoto Shinya Exhibition “ariphoto 2014 Vol.2
2014.10.21(Tue) – 11.2(Sun) @TOTEM POLE PHOTO GALLERY

This exhibitionLast year、Landscape taken by Okutama and hinohara Ya、Creatures who live there will have been constructed with a photograph of (almost insect)。
Insect us of wriggling season、Ride in the opposite direction of the train from Kichijoji with home and Shinjuku、Attending Shigeku foot to the green Deep mountains。Than the number of people who pass each other、Also much more this place towards the encounter with other creatures、It is part of Tokyo Without that Magau。

Will be pre-sale at was created in accordance with the exhibition Photos "ariphoto selection vol.5" a session in the gallery。
It becomes faster each time the pace until sold out overlapping No.。If you would like to purchase as soon as possible please。

Edition type:297mm × 365mm 20 pages in the saddle stitching
List price:1,000Yen (limited to 500 copies)

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