ariphoto @ plum 田蔦屋 book shop


9F JR Osaka Station in the commercial "lucua" today newly-opened "Plum 田蔦屋 book shopHe has exhibited work at. "。
1000But is a vast store of more than a basis、AppleCare booth of there is my photo。You might use a little care since the appreciation of the over the counter、It is not hesitate Fortunately, if you can look carefully。And the familiar "ariphoto" series every time the main


Also combined exhibition study of student。Here is started taking the pictures first year of work。Since the negative of those days had discarded at the time of graduation、Well speaking vintage print、Bad we unveil the immature students of print Speaking。


Since subjected to carry work during the opening preparation period、Although the full picture of the store can not be introduced、Klein Dytham architecture architects (Klein Dytham architecture)It is very wonderful space designed by。
While taking a book in hand、While drinking coffee at a cafe、From the comfort of a spacious sofa、I am pleased if you look at the work at a variety of angles。Because the session is three months between the long-term of up to July 31, 2008、Please you can see, when it was to go to Osaka。

Plum 田蔦屋 book shop

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