ariphoto 2015 Vol.1


Arimoto Shinya Exhibition “ariphoto 2015 Vol.1
2015.06.02(Tue) – 06.14(Sun) @ TOTEM POLE PHOTO GALLERY

Recent several months、Niigata、India、Because we focused on exhibition in Osaka、Activities in a home ground TPPG had become neglected。this time、The exhibition six months pretend in TPPG。Come to take down exhibition of street photo will be quite a year and a half swing held of。
2006Since、27The times eyes the "ariphoto" your perusal please。During the exhibition、As much as possible in the gallery We look forward to your visit of everyone。Reception information for TPPGTwitter (@tppg_news)So we will continue muttered in、If you can follow it is fortunate。

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