Water Copthorne big photo exhibition "VISION"


2015.9.1(Tue) – 9.6(Sun) @TOTEM POLE PHOTO GALLERY

Or such of experience that has been repeated a much ran away from home young around、We will observe a person wandering among the city。Not have to do anything to prepare for the future surging、It may be because recall those days of only it has been allowed to exist。
Among the upset, such as turn over the feeling that I want to live、Previously, each Yuku missing a wicket with a completely different emotion、Nature visible from only a gap of people who are looking up at the future prospective view that does not also have projected to the streets of the scramble intersection lonely、I now want to connect with others even a little while staring at the flow of people in such this city。Only the presence of L-size photograph be covered in scattered tablets disappeared in the back of that time pocket、Not only to me in Afurekaeru sculptured group it did was an illusion might be ready to only one of the future。

Copthorne University
1988Born in Tokyo
2009Graduated from Tokyo Visual Arts
Website / www.Mizushima-Takahiro.com

Solo exhibition
20092009 Tokyo Lonely Heart Land / TOTEM POLE PHOTO GALLERY
2012-Year string of butterfly / TOTEM POLE PHOTO GALLERY

Group exhibition
2014Year 10 Photo1 _ WALL exhibition "future SOUND" / Ginza guardian garden

Take the most hardcore snap in the current Tokyo photographer (Arimoto subjective)、Loading of the photo exhibition by Takashidai Mizushima "VISION" has been completed。
In place of "street、Charm has got lost, such as in the past。Street Photography is in decline today by "or" snap-shot technique。"Such as the recent, also referred to、Wind blows where such such criticism、With open centerpiece of both、To keen a sense of the whole body、If you walk the streets as if the aim prey、You should still meet an unknown subject。It was brilliantly embody it、Photo group I met in Tokyo of the facial profile that I also could not know。It is held from tomorrow until September 6 (Sunday)。100Pieces of street photography and author await you at Gallery。Please perusal the charm of the streets of the current city。

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