Spacious also the Yes booth after a rush after the opening movement。It and is opposed to from beginning to end hurriedly moving around and had a wet plate photographers of Peta's booth (PETA Photo Studio)。Production of glass wet plate on the spot, which has received a request、Carried out from the shooting to the development、What that image is to give you put in a frame the Garasunega which has been fixed as Umbro type photo。Imaging request is also you a reason was not constantly、Anyway, too much effort to a single shot!。And produced from the perfect handwork、Impressed by the one and only image。Wins the thought in the era science was close to magic。At the same time、Obvious that the photo moves is、Rather than like a never commonplace、It has reaffirmed that it is a gift of our predecessors of stacked becoming the wisdom and efforts。Peta's Thank you!


Polished glass plate Collodion is applied


Kana's partner。During operates a mobile photo studio with two people。


Darkroom right edge of the tent's Peta of。Do the development work in this。


The song's also imaging request of Miyamoto-kun and the partner who has an exhibition until last week。


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On the day TPPG members of Kai-kun family that Mr. Peta have taken。

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» Wet plate photography (Wikipedia JP / en)

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