Recent and Early Works


Recently in this blog, but I say only, or "loading was completed" or "was finished photo exhibition"、Once again also held a photo exhibition this time。
Just ended this Sunday "ariphoto2015 vol.26 days medium from "、3Of Osaka, which I am allowed to display at consecutive yearGallery & Darkroom LimeLightMr. exhibition at。
Entitled "Recent and Early Works" this year、The "ariphoto2015" of the latest work in the first floor exhibition room、"Of study in the second floor exhibition roomCalcutta – Kathmandu 1995It will be on display, respectively. "。20Year of photographer life、I hope if you can your perusal a thing that does not change and that change。
The day after tomorrow on November 15 (Sunday) from November 28 (Saturday) two weeks held up (Wednesday Closed on)。Exhibition the first day only throughout the day we have the gallery。
Also、New photo collection of the web works, including the exhibition works in the venue "ariphoto selection vol.6We also sell "or original print。We look forward to seeing you for many people。

Gallery & Darkroom LimeLight

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