Web shop closed!


Latest Photos "ariphoto selection vol.6"ofWeb Shop、Just a How can opened、As early as I have sold out。But before the previous work is It was sold out in about 3 months、It becomes faster just two weeks and every time the pace is reached to work now。Although this is a happy scream、Also I think a little lonely and still is one where you can purchase no。
Although towards the Web Shop was going to close with a today、TOTEM POLE PHOTO GALLERYIt is a person of sells only a few parts。The people of Zyban isPlum 田蔦屋 book shopMr. and、Currently in an exhibitionGallery & Darkroom LimeLightAlso we have been dealing with people's。Both because the balance is rare、Purchase direction of choice as soon as possible please。

Everyone who have purchased、Thank you for。
The next of this fun!

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