Arimoto Shinya Exhibition "TIBETAN WAY
2016.9.27(Tue) – 10.2(Sun) @ TOTEM POLE PHOTO GALLERY

1998In the winter of、Conventional screen configuration from the black and white square was started entertaining doubts I、6X 7 and loaded with color negative film in the camera、He went to a familiar Tibetan area。To get the color until it was trapped under consideration、The camera work is soon lightens。
The pass several times over the limit should be、For the first time as reflected in the fresh、The journey to Tibet。

During the exhibition、We sell the photos recorded the piece in the Hall "ariphoto selection vol.7"。
Color book of the first series (A3 variants、20Page、1,000Yen)、Please take a look at take in hand。

2 thoughts on "TIBETAN WAY

  • Hello Shinya-san,
    I would like to purchase 4 copies of Ariphoto Selection Volume 7. Please sign all
    4 for me, and send me a PayPal invoice when they are ready. Thanks!
    By the way…I purchased a copy of your “Tokyo Circulation” a couple
    of months ago. It is a glorious and beautiful book!!!
    Hope to see you soon…probably in Spring…
    Best Wishes,

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