Osaka at night

Lecture at his alma mater for、I went to Osaka in the night 二日。
-2、Once every three years can participate in summer camp、We have have been held lectures.、Always grateful to Alma Mater hospitality。Great venue, "Athol" facilities and environment、People remember the sincere attitude of all participating students。Rotate the slide always、Tend to own commentary.、One hundred was head of Department of photography we had dialogue with the teacher 々武。So relax with old friends and 武unn, and was able to talk、Since things usually are not much aware, including topics ranged、There was little time thoughtfully、I could spend the day time。(The next day、Many of our students feedback report is、Many long comments、Seems more or less of the popular and secure。)
After the lecture's photo book sales and signings。Photos brought sold out、The say in this goal?。We participated in the lecture、We were purchasing photos、Thank you for。

After the teacher's、Toast with our instructors and the station Tavern。Sake is also due to、Here is the conversation with 武kunn gradually heats up。To each other as a photographer、As the body responsible for students、If I can relate、There is recognition of disagreement and debate gets hotter。But、All the fun in Osaka at night!
Change the banks severely after a discussion of the Parallels、At a convenience store to buy ice cream and canned Chu-Hi、And silly talk of cool down sipping on the footbridge staircase (mostly below story)。That has completely changed the aspect of the Osaka Station area、Student sit-in in the ground of this area.、Talk while drinking, greeted the morning several times.。Along with the beautiful memories、Late night in Osaka.。

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