And the photographic exhibition finished、Ten gPhoto Biennale


Yesterday ended the TIBETAN WAY photo exhibition。All dates in our booth、We were purchasing photos、Thank you for。
While this is old、In that exhibition of the color works for a long time、I was fresh and、Us similar feedback from your visitors。Looks old from the moment take the printed works in black and white (not in a bad way、”Now”Severed and timeless impression)。It works color pictures were taken nearly 20 years ago while、Contacts and the current is strong,。(It's the color photographs were taken throughout the world ago and during WWII、When I saw the black and white photographs such as common to the impression。) Overlooking the venue again after the exhibition、And the photography exhibits、I felt the difference。
Until now from starting photography、Most of the films in black and white, has made the、Exhibition in color works consider Yuki wants to and began to。

And、Delay in notification、In the "ten gPhoto Biennale 2016," is being held from last week's 9/29 11/3 from the TPPG privately owned and、MembersKai, keijiro、Former member ofHishinuma IsaoExhibits-Kun。(In addition to us in the past at a TPPGHiroshi Yamazaki YoshihiroMr.、Okuyama, AtsushiMr.、Takahiro YamashitaAnd I, children's participation。) I "Irie taikichi Photography Award"The examination dates and、Opening of the teguphoto to、That did not come true with the local、Kai-Kun、Is enviable, that has been enjoying the first international photo Festival hishinuma-Kun。
During the exhibition、Please to go to local。

Daegu Photo Biennale 2016

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