Paris 2016_2

Art Book Fair stay the second day, which will be held in the ship floating on the Seine river “Polycopies” What。It is the publisher of my photo book “Zen Foto Gallery” And、Distributor “Shashasha” Since There has been opened a booth at the Joint、Help of the construction。How can I was a moderate also enters of people immediately after the start when I was in the hall、The next day and later seems to have been a great success of the sellout crowd。Among them, our booth seemed was a top seller during the period、Onishi's representative was also a state of delighted。
To pre-release this time in ParisYamagata Tsutomu's New photo book also sales strong、15 books brought in I have sold out in the blink of an eye。
Have display a quite meet you not photograph collection of publishers in Japan that are opened in other。Of the Netherlands among the “the Eriskay Connection” Of the photo book was a favorite。content、Made this、Even more than the goodness of the binding、Very easy to buy anything else overall price Me suppressed。In art book published in the Netherlands If you listen、But as a system that grants out of the country。Hmm I、Envy is as long as。A photo album of this publisher three books purchased。




Yamagata's to sign a new photo book "Ten Disciples 2016"。Please a little more wait for the launch in Japan。

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