Paris 2016_3

foto fever:
This time of the main event of the Paris stay “paris Photo” Photo Fair, which is held in conjunction with time and “foto fever” Exhibition to。In casual event than the Paris Photo, which is held at the Grand Palais、Booth exhibition fee is relatively cheap、Contemporary works gather basically。Opposite shore across the Polycopies and Seine river the other day of the post、It has been held in the Carrousel du Louvre in the downstairs of the famous Louvre Museum。
And the biggest of the mission of this time the sale of customer service and work in English in the fair held。Because Mr. Zen Foto is an excellent director of Gallery Amanda (fluent English, Chinese and Japanese are) is to attend the wedding of a local friend、Because not be able to participate in this Fair。Yamagata-san and I are exhibiting artists、And I shall observe the session in the booth at the Ino's three people who worked on two of the photo collection of design。For me English is not good、This mission is quite a high hurdle。Still came Cundari all the way to Paris、Those that still can not be obtained and do not take a direct visitors and communication in the field、Because I thought that there may not be transmitted。Not good English conversation is not only my best do!


Yamagata-san and Ino's going to carry work


Mainly from the European countries、68It brings together a set of galleries and publishers


Zen Foto Gallery is opened from Edition Booth
Gallery Booth wall length than the short but、You can display the publications and portfolio out a table of 2m before Booth


Us look basically everyone super seriously exhibition works and Photos


Pretty visitor also your visit


There is also such as the work of lecture


Quickly end be fair over the four days。But also left issues such as language problems and a little trouble、Also I enjoyed conversation with a lot of visitors、Mr. Above all Yamagata also I also because the work was sold relieved。"Since anyway bright Inotchi" (Ino's designers) made me an opportunity to induce the audience、It was good that was able to connect to the conversation in a natural flow。
Zen Foto Gallery mark of the owner who gave me the opportunity to participate this time、Such as the delicate under preparation from cumbersome procedures、We do the maximum of thanks to Amanda for his support under the edge。

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