Paris 2016_4

paris Photo:
Paris I would like to definitely experience if I came in this time in Paris Photo。But I did not get it quite time, such as construction and hospitality of fotofever、Going to see with Inotchi to leave the branch number in Yamagata's relatively spare time (Yamagata's and Mark's had already participated in the reception)。
100A heroic architecture with a history of year “Big palace” When you pass through the entrance gate、It pours the sunlight from the glass-walled tent、Come out full of photos of hot air from the inside。Suddenly greeting instead of Sally Mann from the nearest booth at the entrance!。It does not fit palpitations been done on a large stretch piece of wet collodion type。Contemporary works and modern works、Also Hata also historical works、Come on pictures of hordes to the next from the following。3Already full stomach of the state at the time you have finished looking at about 1 minute。From around that I saw the works of favorite Wie Roh ground and Danny Ryan、There are things that come welled up hot to the eye、There from previous work is no longer look decent。But is an event that you want to enjoy slowly in a day Gakari would otherwise、This time was a whirlwind tour in less than two hours tour so I did not have much time。Still sufficiently fluent。There is in all means also visited events you want。


Sally Mann considerable number were Yes on display


boris Mikhailov


Garry Winogrand


Danny Lyon


Contemporary Art?


Roger ball


Thomas Sauvin Truly Omoroi!


Steidl of the pop-up store


2Overlooking the downstairs from F、About the whole of one-third in a range that is reflected


Todome is Akio Nagasawa Gallery (Tokyo)From exhibition、Exhibition all all 138 cut of Issei Suda of Flowering Spirit (full version)!

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