20170224 NPI ア ワ ー ド

To determine the top winner of the graduation work of the Nippon Photography Institute “NPI Graduation Exhibition Award” I participated as a judge in。
Other judges、20Hiroshi's Ya Suganuma of Guardian Garden that are taken care from the time of year or more before the first solo exhibition、2012Year of who Rei Masuda was taken care of in the exhibition at the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, etc.。From being exposed to the young and work full of passion's students are of course、And people who are taken care of from the previous、Is that nice to be with us in such a seat。
By the way、Of bad friend from school daysHundred people newKun is also sit as a judge。fuck!
Also rivalry now of students to each other、It should look to be interesting and continues for a long time in the field of photo。

In front of the jury with many of the audience、Was also cheers for good work your nominated students who have presentation while tension。
And Congratulations to everyone who has been awarded the prizes!

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