Keisuke Shimada Exhibition “Zero District”

Shimada AkiraSusumu photo exhibition "address 0"
2017On February 28 (fire) - March 5 (May) Open 12:00-19:00

Kawasaki Ikegami-cho、Kyoto is Utoro、Are "record" the Kamiyagawa Sabo Dam。
These towns、In one of the Koreans in Japan and South Korea's Dwelling region、Is there life while being recognized as squatters during。One of the reasons I've springs are interested in this kind of town、To know the existence of the born and raised me and my age is close to artists Ikegami cho their town、Only objective information, and the like began to visit frequently will want to feel subjectively not be satisfied。Then began a "record" of the town, which Koreans in Japan and South Korea who was formed。

Ishikawa Prefecture born in Kanagawa prefecture
2017Year Tokyo Visual Arts will graduate

In TOTEM POLE PHOTO GALLERY over two weeks from tomorrow、I will hold an exhibition of the seminar students of photo school to serve as a lecturer。
First one eye is higher calling of a "man among men" Shimada AkiraSusumu-kun。As there is also the statement、0 address which he scattered in Japan began a record of (no address) and referred to as the town、From meeting with some hip-hop artists。While know that they、Interested in Ikegami-cho, which is the birthplace、Go soon towards the address 0 of Kyoto by the interest to expand。That developing the photo “Develop” Say it, but with the、More and more is also the subject of his interest “Develop(展開)” And Masu Yuki。 I wonder if the next go towards anywhere in the town?。And reporting at the current stage、Please your perusal a glimpse of the deployment to the future。
During the exhibition、All day with the author standing aisle We look forward to your visit of everyone。Once you let the frank defunct opinions I hope。

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