East Asia Photo Communication

4During the month 14 days to April 16、Art Fair to be held in Taiwan “Young Art Taipei” Events of the inner “Photobook Fair” To participate in the volunteer members of TPPG。19 am - of the as a prelude to 13 days、Will be held a slide show at the Taipei Photos library "Lightbox"。"BEA photography Communication"(East Asia Photo Communication)Japan and South Korea of ​​the photographer entitled、Press、A joint project by the gallery、Other participants Mr. Area Park、Back Seung Woo 氏、Yomichi Saito Mr. etc.。myself、Taiwan because also the first time visit、I would like efforts to presentation while enjoying the atmosphere to fully。Since the admission free standing Taipei person please join feel free to。But impatience little since the event's start time is after only of Taipei arrival 3 hours。

East Asia Communications vol photography.0
Red Red homes here again! April 13th,Japanese photographic publishing house red red、South Korea's photography Press IANN̄,As well as by a number of Japanese photographers set up their own photography gallery Totem Pole Photo Gallery,With all the "East Asian photography Communication" campaign,Came to Lightbox!
That day,Japanese photographer有元伸也、Saito Yang Road,South Korean photographer Park Jin Ying、Baicheng You,Will be live and the audience face to face,And presented in a slide works,After the meeting there selling photography books with signatures。Moreover,The person in charge of the three organizations photography Himeno Nozomi、有元伸也與 Jeong Eun Kim,Will come together,To introduce the role of their units in Japan and South Korea played contemporary photography。
This will be the "East Asian photography communication" in the first field,On the day,Respectively from the two countries、35 photographer and editor in chief of units,Will meet with you in Lightbox。Welcome everyone to come to know and have、communicate with,Open more links between East Asia photography!

Time | 4/13 (four) 19:00
And talk | Himeno Nozomi、Saito Yang Road、有元伸也、Baicheng You、Jeong Eun Kim
Translation | Houpeng Hui
Location | Lightbox Photography Library (Taipei Golden Gate Street, Zhongzheng District No. 5-1 3F)
Admission | 18:30 Free admission
Links |goo.gl/beP2dN

Young Art Taipei

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