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Copyright © 2017 Lightbox All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2017 Lightbox All Rights Reserved.

I returned from Taiwan last night。First event in Taiwan for me、Masu Yuki up slowly here how the full five-day。
First Taipei arrival the first day、 “Lightbox” Slideshow in。Although it was originally a tight schedule、To further tight due to the arrival of the plane was delayed nearly an hour。The fastest moving from Taoyuan International Airport to the city was opened this year MRT。Even more we arrived at the venue skip taxi from the Taipei Main Station was immediately after the event start。
Although I meetings had entered even that does not leave suddenly in production、We were able to successfully carry out the slides and talk thanks to the rapid response of the staff of Suganuma's quick wit and Lightbox organizer。Me look eager also visitors、The felt To acutely Taipei youth of photos heat from the first day。
Why Japanese restaurant is the launch of after the event。My meal first in Taiwan sashimi、Grilled chicken、It became a deep-fried tofu。Photo too slapstick is not ...。


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