The 26 Kairin Tadahiko Prize Photo Exhibition

①Tokyo Exhibition [Fujifilm Photo Salon]
5/12[gold]- 18[wood] Will midterm round
10:00 -19:00 (The final day 16:00Until the)
Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 9-7-3 Tokyo Midtown Fujifilm Square
TEL: 03-6271-3351

②Zhou Nan exhibition [-In the birthplace of Tadahiko Lin - Shunan Art Museum]
5/26[gold]- 6/4[Day] Monday Closed
9:30 -17:00 (Admission 16:30Until the)
Yamaguchi Prefecture Shunan City Hanabatake-cho, 10-16
TEL: 0834-22-8880

    Session being held events[Take a self-feeding]
    * Work Description
     5/26[gold] 9:30After the opening ceremony the end of the (Do not Shen includes the postage)
    * Talk show "to observe the streets of the city."
     5/27[Soil] 10:30〜
    Hearer:Junichi Arita (Shunan Museum of Fine Arts curator Tadahiko Hayashi reward should select the members of the)
    Meeting place:Shunan Museum of Art Hi-Vision Gallery
    Capacity:40name (First come, first served)Please apply by telephone (0834-22-8880)

③Dongchuan exhibition [Photos of the town Higashikawa Culture Gallery]
11/27[Moon]- 12/12[Fire] Will midterm round
10:00 -17:30 (The final day 15:00Until the)
Admission / townsman 100 yen (10People or more groups of 80 yen) Out of town 200 yen (10People or more groups of 160 yen) Junior high school or less free
Kamikawa-gun Higashikawa Azumacho 1-19-8
TEL: 0166-82-4700

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