Paris 2017_1

After a week of stay、The other day I returned home from Paris。Although I like the art fairs and photo festivals abroad it has also participated several times until this、The first time that for me solo exhibition held outside Japan。There was also some mistake in exchange unfamiliar、Because we arrived with a margin to the schedule of the carry-in work、Was able to perfectly set-up is so far open。And there was also worry about whether to come people to the reception because not even one of the friends and acquaintances in France、Le Plac’Art Photo Of the announcement from Thanks、There has been incessant visitors from immediately after the open。Under the sky of that far away this Paris from Tokyo、Is what that comes down to writer favor by very happy to enjoy such a reaction。
Sold out Photos 10 books, which were prepared at the time of reception end、In addition we received also the next arrival at the time of booking。In addition further、It had also the order of a few points to the newly printed original print was for this exhibition。Visitors from the first day of sales is also a strong feeling of relief。But I also have had also some of the tension that first solo exhibition abroad、I felt the load is down the shoulder。


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