Tokuyama night

Tadahiko Hayashi Prize Photo Exhibition of the traveling exhibition、Exhibition attend the opening ceremony and for the talk show held in Shunan Art Museum、I went to Tokuyama in three days and two nights。Although it is a town of it has been run through several times、This is the first time stay to the。Or looking at the night view of the coastal industrial zone which is visible from the hotel window、Or hit a smack in fresh seafood。Although the opening ceremony was also embarrassing scenes, such as a tape cut of the white gloves、And fulfilling thanks to everyone thick hospitality of the House of everyone and Shunan we were able to spend three days。For stay interview that had been scheduled on the second day is Canceled、Near the island、We were able to visit the base marks the Memorial Hall of human torpedo-midget submarine "Kaiten" on the Otsu Island。And Upon completion of the talk show in the morning of stay third day cheerfully To to Tokuyama Station。Return by Shinkansen to Tokyo in order to meet the deadline to the meeting from the evening。
This time, it was a short stay、Original print of the award-winning film "TOKYO CIRCULATION" is collection in Shunan Art Museum since、Also I would like to come back to Tokuyama to see your own someday。

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  • Tadahiko Hayashi reward to be rewarded、I would like to delight you from the bottom of my heart。
    We were allowed to participate in other day of talk show。Nitorimashite yourself、It was really fun and happy time。
    But it will be a long time ago already fairly、Impressed with something of Arimoto, who was seen by chance in a magazine photos (but remembers that it was indeed Nishikura or somewhere begging girl photos)、Since then responsible for the following photography world young is when Arimoto's only not definitely、Is a private university that is firmly believe have now。Photos entering the hand to purchase all、Although it immersed in night after night Arimoto's work world、I ish yourself tired strangely does not get tired even look many times。
    While also paying attention to looking forward to the work now、We are cheering in full force。There is where nothing、Please come by all means also in Yamaguchi Prefecture。Really Congratulations。And、Thank you very much。

    • Himuro customers
      We participate in the talk show、Also Thank you for always purchasing Photos。
      Since there is also one of the goals of as it is a photographer to create a "work to withstand the repeated viewing of"、Himuro customers' comments I am very pleased!
      Since I devote myself to keep making a good work in the future、Thank you for your support。

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