Paris 2017_4

paris Gourmet:
In only round-trip of the exhibition hall and the hotel is in front twice in Paris stay、Afford to enjoy a meal there was little。Quiche and croque monsieur、Often you can eat kebabs or the like as a jumpsuit rice。But under the guidance of Mr. Clément of gourmets at this time of stay、We were able to enjoy a variety of meal。We will introduce some of。

Anyway wine Speaking of France。Clément's spurs connoisseurs to be day-to-day read them carefully study until the Japanese manga "Drops of God"。Before meals、Food in、And postprandial、Enjoy a variety of wine among the one meal。I had gotten very delicious、Unfortunately it is not possible to express the subtle differences in taste in my stupid tongue ......。

Sandwich Speaking of France? (Although roots It seems United Kingdom)。This is the Parisian classic “The Joint sandwich”。But is super simple dish of only ham and cheese on baguette、Thank very Oishu so good each of the materials of taste。

Speaking of France meat?。While the site is not sure、We had Oishu in Mideamurea。Garnish is still French fries。

Frog Speaking of France?。Stir-fried vegetables of the thigh。The taste is almost but is chicken Features manner is texture、...... very ish frog something that。

This fish。We enjoy the dishes of a variety of materials other than this。I feel that was able to touch the last French food culture in the third time of stay。Thank you Clément's Nobue san!

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