Talk event ended

Photo by Amanda Lo

Talk event in Ginzatsutaya bookstore has ended on a high note。Everyone that took part in the event、Everyone I received your purchase of the photo collection、Thank you for。
Out of place feeling is undeniable as the event of me and the beam's (both of whom are taking in Shinjuku) “GINZA SIX” Events in Ginza Tsutaya bookstore of the inner。Although the number of visitors there was also worry about the How much there is of、Beam's popular thanks There is also now almost fully booked。And stagnation there is no navigation also Torihara's moderator who talk、We proceeded from beginning to end peacefully in a charming comeback of the beam's。Sales are strong in the autograph session also centered on the "people" Beam's new book photo album after the talk、Initial worry was the end to the groundless。People such as the staff of the organizers of Amanda and Tsutaya bookstore、We also thank our event officials。

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