Fog seminar

August 10, which is a day before the "mountain of the day."、We went along with the seminar students to the annual Mt. location。Because every year is held on graduation just before climbing in the summer since 2011、Because Takao was scheduled to last year's winter location has become rained out。The weather forecast of the day Cloudy with rain later、Although rainfall in climbing was not barely、Seminar students in the intense humidity and high temperature are all sweaty。To students who did not bring a change of clothes is a wild that jacket to bare reluctantly style。After the summit、Although the mountains did not expect what distant view is shrouded in fog on an inner an instant、We were able to meet the mysterious landscape that can not be seen easily in the city during that instead Shimoyama。Also we would like to hold a winter mountain climbing before graduation。

Past Takao location
2016「Sausage Semi」
2014"In the snow Seminar、again"
2013Tengu seminar
2012"Seminar in the snow"
2011Mud seminar

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