Photo Exhibition "ariphoto vol.30"、It was Daikanyama Photo Fair end

Photo Exhibition at the TPPG as "ariphoto vol.30"、"Daikanyama Photo Fair", which has been held at Daikanyama Hillside Forum has ended Womochimashite today。Everyone Itadakimashita visitors、Everyone I received your purchase of the photo collection、Thank you for。
Two of the exhibition session has had overlapped、The body you want two, but Ikazu also why、The exhibition last day was customer service by moving the two venues。
To the audience of regulars in TPPG often、The people of the Fair there are many people who see the first time my photo。To be able to feel the difference of the reaction fresh、Hectic while was also a large exhibition of the harvest。

Image Z in Daikanyama Photo FairEN FOTO GALLERY booth。Many people Tachidomari、It gave us a look at the exhibition and Photos。

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