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New Photos of "ariphoto selection vol.8"Shop pageHas been opened.。
Made in a limited 500 copies every time the、It has sold out all the previous seven installment。Purchase your copy soon Please!

PayPal account holders.、Please use the "Buy Now" button below If the card payment of hope。
Please fill out this form Those who wish to bank transfer、Please press the submit button。
Either way the price is 1000 yen free shipping。

Sold out

10During the month 6 (Friday) to October 8 days (days)、Tenno I have sent the same work in Zhuzhou will be held at the Isle of Teradasoko "THE TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR 2017"。TOTEM POLE PHOTO GALLERY of the booth (A-g-06) We look forward to everyone of you for coming in。


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