Participated in TPPG volunteer members “THE TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR 2017” It was completed Womochimashite other day。Everyone who visit us in TPPG booth、Everyone I received your purchase of the members of the photo collection、Thank you for。How can was held at the time also considerable congestion in the last year of the Kyoto University Gaien Campus、From the middle in Teradasoko of this year's venueHurriedly admission regulations in such a situation。People Ya who wait a long time until the admission、We apologize instead to operate in the people who are stuck in return give up the admission。
But those in our exhibitor that sells desperately present in the venue do not know out of the situation。I was let served every effort to publicity and customer service in the booth on the corner in rabbit。
Management side of the trouble Nan'nosono、The TPPG booth was able to achieve sales in excess of last year Thanks。

The venue before the crowds and go outside for smoking。

Photographer who has guest participation Kim AlmIt will lower the really head to the dedicated work of the。Thank you Alm!

Opposite of TPPG was the booth to participate in the seminar students who。

And your neighbor is the familiar face “TAP Gallery

Photographers Hoyoshi SanoEven after a long time of reunion。

To stay up all night the night before the last day、Hurriedly members who participated in creating the new ZINE ofCopthorne University。In high tension hospitality of staying up all night Fitr、Urimakuri the new。

Student and her friends were also cheers for good work four days!

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