Paris 2017_Nov #1

foto fever:
Last year of fotofever、In May this yearSolo exhibition at Le Plac'art PhotoTo continue the fourth time to the Paris。 I was allowed to exhibit in fotofever for the second consecutive year from the booth of Zen Foto Gallery。I think that Yukitai to introduce little by little the Paris of the state of the Paris Photo held period。

It was the exhibition by Edition Booth last year、Exhibition at the Gallery Booth this year。An increasing number of wall length、Location is also close to the entrance、It gave us a look at the work and stopped a lot of people。

Alex who has purchased my work。His dancers、They told me to buy a print invested the living expenses of two months worth。

It will also be done floor lecture towards the visitors。

Super hilarious audience。Hashimoto TeruTakashi's photographer in the exhibitor had much taking pictures of cutie。

Beam's to sign a photo book and Zen Foto members to support it。...... because it was he rather drink。

Photoquai 2013
foto fever 2016
Paris 2017 May

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