Paris 2017_Nov #2

Over the Seine River from the Carrousel du Louvre, which has been held of fotofever、To the Book Fair Polycopies has been held on board floating on the opposite shore。Aforementioned fotofever this event、Zen Foto Gallery are sent to each。Also、Last year published the photo collection “Shinya Arimoto Italian publisher is a publisher of “0_100 Editions” By also of that a booth、In advance it had been asked to book signing at the venue。 According to the event second edition collection of photographs that had been produced in 0_100 Editions “Shinya Arimoto II” The start of the sale!

Photos favorite people will come together one after another from without between open。

0_100 Editions Mr. Cristiano。New photo album “Shinya Arimoto II” The was push me to sell。

Photo album “TOKYO CIRCULATION” Thank you for purchasing also Inotchi that Koichi Ino is a designer。

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