Lianzhou Foto #2

Special Exhibition @Granary:
There are three venues are roughly in the continuous state international shooting year Exhibition、Three of the exhibition have been made differently of the spirit in each venue。Since the opening ceremony will be held in each venue、The first day's dance moves are many Tenteko。First participated in the ceremony to be held at the former US warehouse / Granary。Special exhibitions and theme exhibition at this venue、Although exhibition is held each、And the time being introduce a special exhibition。It has been featured Japanese photographers at this year's special exhibition、Tsuneo Enari、Masato Seto、Kazumasa's exhibition of Suda has been held。Suda-san but I China entering was not due to circumstances、Enari's and the Seto's because I was the same room of the same hotel (living and type of private rooms There are three)、Most of the dates of your stay we were allowed to accompany。

The venue of the entrance of the former US warehouse / Granary。It seems to communicate State Art Association is using usually。

State of the Opening Ceremony。The woman in the center is the director of this event stage 煜婷 / Duan Yuting is Ms.。

Ichii Kannobe's Jinichi Murakami editing Japanese camera magazine and the writer also I have come to the interview from Japan。

Tsuneo Enari's exhibition of the "war orphans"

Issei Suda's exhibition of "folk song Sanga"

Masato Seto's exhibition of "Silent Mode"

Tsuneo Enari

Masato Seto

Enari's while shooting a portrait of Seto's

Former US warehouse has become a theme exhibition venue、It has become a silo-shaped cylindrical。

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