Lianzhou Foto #3

Thema Exhibition @Granary:
Theme exhibition that has been carried out in a special exhibition with the same rice warehouse in the venue、This year's theme is “YOUR SELFIE STICK (AND YOU)” 。All the theme description in English but could not decipher、In summary, "the Digital Age、the internet、I wonder where such re-definition "of photographic works in SNS era?。It is exhibition curator team of 20 works chosen along the theme from the country。Many challenging and avant-garde works of young artists、Author in front of each work was remarkable to see him work described for visitors。Although the direction of the preferences of the work would be each person、There was a place to learn the ambitious attitude of the author。

There was a space that immediately commemorative photo contains。This is also a part of the interactive work。

Colorful pop venue layout、It has become a loft-like two-story。

Visit our fish photos。

Discuss / Shang Liang (China) “One thousand selfie / One Thousand Self-portraits”
As the title、Self-portrait 1000 that he had taken all over the world、It has filled the walls and floors。

Shiny hair style and character、Author of deliberation / Shang Liang-kun。

Yuki Naito participating exhibitors from Japan and its work “Mine, Yours or Theirs?”

Handwritten illustrations have been accompanied during the photographic work was exhibited in the wall。It seems to have drawn the venue entering from the open a few days ago。

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