Lianzhou Foto #7

@Museum point award:
Communicating State stay last night、Announced the award ceremony of the Punctum award at the Museum of rooftop space (highest award in this event) was held。Communicating State international photography exhibition year but has held until January 2、Most of the artists and curators is after the next day Renshu。Event to decorate the finale of this event lasted until midnight once again。

It is quite a fanfare。

Puncture award Hong Kong photographer Tokei锋 / Kurt Tong's work “颜姐/Combing for Ice and Jade” It has been chosen。

Kagaya The Special Jury Prize was participation from Japan Masamichi / Masamich Kagaya's Flipnote “Radiation like / Autoradiograph” It has been chosen。

Award has been your two-way、congratulations!

Band from Guangdong after the award ceremony “Five people” Live performance has been carried out。Music video also dressed was good!

Five people – City looking for pigs

Five people – Some landscape

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