Lianzhou Foto #6

Bookfair & Symposium @Museum:
By the continuous State shooting museum has been established、Lianzhou Foto In the book fair from this year now also be held。inside China、Hong Kong、Taiwan、Singapore、Young publishers will invite from such as Japan。There is also a scale and attract customers that the initial event is still very much a work in、Not forced to expectations for the coming climax。After all wide China、If you dig a potential customer base、It will be still the market spreads。In such、Beyond young publisher who is the boundaries of the country、I feel the surprise and joy to the fact that in anticipation of future photo book on a global scale。Also、It had been also held various symposium in the event space of the museum。Lecture of Michiko Kasahara of the Tokyo Museum of Photography curator from Japan、Magazines IMA editorial director of Mutsuko Ota's lecture was held。

Neighbor isT&M ProjectTomomi Matsumoto of。Face-to-face in various places with him。Daikanyama Photo Fair、Tokyo Art Book Fair、Etc. Polycopies of Paris。Is in contact with a respected book yourself a made was with the utmost affection to the author、I think it's really great publishers。

Jacob-kun to buy Seto's Photos。He also is an exhibition writer of themes Exhibition。

State of the Book Fair。

Matsumoto-kun to take the catering lunch in busy hospitality。It is full of Photos in suitcase、They are always flying around the world。

Publishers currently the most momentum in Asia Jiazazhi PressLecture by Mr. GenYukari / Yanyou of。I is also a fan of the photo collection of his making。

Gwen Lee's lecture in Singapore Gallery DECK。she is Singapore International Photography FestivalThere will also a director。

And from Japan talk about the current state of Japan collection of photographs published by Matsumoto-kun。

...... was quite severe content。

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