Seoul 2018 #1

Photo exhibition "Japan Mirai lineIn order to participate in the set-up witness and the first day of the talk show of "、South Korea went to Seoul in three nights four days。Exhibition in South Korea but the third time、2016Year of Daegu Photo Biennale、It did not come true for local filled in order to was going to Nara on opening day。Visit to Korea is in 2003 “Hanam International Photo Festival” But since。Near by and I can go at any time and not be able to visit quite country。15To become this time visit to Korea of ​​the year the first time、Including exhibition participation of its own to、Seoul photos circumstances、Since the gallery, such as circumstances have to experience as long as time permits、I want to report little by little in here.。

Overlooking the famous Gangnam-gu, from an exhibition hall SPACE22 in Gangnam style PSY。


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