Seoul 2018 #2

It is this time of the exhibition hall "SPACE22" is located on the top floor of the high-rise building of 22-story as its name。The total wall length and adjust the main gallery and lounge gallery is more than 70 meters、It is also equipped with seminar room to the other、It can be said that it is a very luxurious space Given well as site conditions。But I am also tempted to fill this space with photographic works in their senses、There is also advice from Yoon's planners of the previous director and is of this exhibition of SPACE22、Quite a margin、It became the exhibition layout by taking advantage of space。Selecting the exhibition cut to a meeting at the time of Yoon's has been visited Japan in the end of last year、Although it was not as it got the works brought back to Korea only with a sheet of photographic paper、They are framed in fine wood frame。Because even professional staff construction work has me perfectly doing、It writer was only repeating the "soooo!" Like a parrot with a tour of the impressive facilities in the space。

Happy wants exhibition writers within the space、Sakuma、Murakami、Hirose

Maquette also Yoon's production, which is the architect

Of the photographer in the co-organizer of this exhibitionArea ParkAnd Mr.

Sell ​​photo album of each artist to display in the entrance

TPPG members Hirose of the photo collection just completed "To view recorded"It is also pre-sale


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