Seoul 2018 #5

Koo Studio:
Guhon Akira / Koo Bohnchang's talk show and a representative of the Korea who participated in the opening reception photographer in SPACE22 (below、Koo teacher) is、He invited me we in the their own studio in Seoul stay last night。Koo teacher Biennale in Paris in 2013 “PHOTOQUAI” Since its Relationship me to choose my work as a curator in、They contacted me to me even when the previous Koo teacher came to Tokyo、It was or me to stop by to TPPG。Well what feels to the studio of the Koo teacher? While Everyone tall inflate the chest to expectations、Run by taxi the street at night to the address that had you tell from the suburbs of Seoul Station。Taxi navigation approaches to the destination、When running slowly residential area on a small hill、Koo teacher was greeted at the front door。Fall within the studio remains to be invited to the greetings。Do you wonder somehow amazing -、Far above the image that has been imagined vaguely terrible! The ground third floor、Building one house of the underground first floor is's a plump Koo Studio。By the way, there is one more buildings next to this building、That there is in the dark room and at home。As long as you're doing a photo in Japan only、Personal studio of this scale does not Oyobi even to imagine。After a toast with champagne for the time being、Koo teacher told me to guide their own in the studio。

Space for viewing art works is on the first floor and you pass through the entrance。There is a finished room in the back。

The second floor is a private collection space and the study、Orderly Koo teacher and antiques and handmade objects brought back to buy in the flea market of each country。

Room for finishing、In the back of the bookshelf are display Koo teacher of Photos。Who answered one by one carefully to our questions。

Space for the first floor underground confirmation of the work collection chamber and the prototype work。

Made in the past series also showed me while commentary for the hand。

I do not think the collection chamber of the individual's work、Is a bit of a museum level。

And the third floor is accommodation room for the dining kitchen and guest。You momentum conversation with me a meal and delicious wine。

Reluctantly Ya ......。Thank you for the invitation!

Bohnchang Koo

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