Seoul 2018 #4

SPACE22 open before the Ya time zone、Use the flight prior to the time end-of-stay、It has been around the galleries and museums in Seoul。There are also many galleries that did not take a photo、Although it is not possible to introduce all who visited、It will be written here in the range to understand the I。
So as to surround the Gyeongbok Palace / Gyeongbokgung is a palace of the Joseon Dynasty in the special city center Seoul、It is dotted with contemporary art and photos gallery。I think that's a pretty extensive area as a gallery-up area that could spin on foot。Although population size is a soul that does not change so as Tokyo、Each space has a high spatial margin also ceiling、Often also building age also shallow new gallery。Close to many well as shops dealing with such art-related clothing store and art goods, such as frame shop、Inevitably feel the excitement for the recent years of Korean Art。

“Artspace Boan1942” Originally it had been operated as a gallery, boldly renovation of the old inn、4 stories to land adjacent to there、Only the second basement floor of the new building was completed。There are three of gallery space in conjunction with the old building、And an on-site as well, such as a bar that the residence space and artists gather in the new wing。Images were using an old sign that was originally in the old building work。It has been commonly written as "inn"。

Artspace Boan1942

Bar located in the new building basement second floor “B_BarProject” The under floor made of transparent acrylic、Light-up archaeological remains can be seen in the blue。

Located along the same street, just a few minutes walk from the Artspace Boan1942 “INDIPRESS GALLERY” Here are also utilized in well renovation of the old building。level one、It has its own exhibition space on the second floor。


Here Liang SusumuYu's Domon Ken Award writers of the last year which have sent also to the "Nippon future line" is now on display。

“Gallery LUX” But apparently there is a history as a photo gallery specializing in、Here also newly construction building。Upstairs、It has its own exhibition space on the third floor。

Gallery LUX

Stream songs Xuan (ryugaheon)。This is rare in this time visited Gallery、Gallery dealing with documentary work。It has its own gallery on the second floor and the basement floor、Bookshop、And an on-site coffee shop。Since the gallery was in interview、Underground floor of the gallery could not visit。

Song Xuan flow

“Gallery INDEX” Here is a lecture in the gallery was done。Scare off and look kidnapping because it bother you。

The Photo Magazine IANN regularly published、It has published a large number of photos collection of the same label “IANNBOOKS” New building of。It has been active in energetically opened in a photo-fairs and book fairs overseas。


But it was still in the interior construction、Gallery space downstairs、Space of enhancement set up a book shop and the office is on the second floor。The staff is all young、To hunch that day become the flagship of the photo book publishing in the future of Korea。

“KUKJE GALLERY” This is K1、K2、There are three independent spaces, named K3、K1 in restaurants and shops、K2、K3 are each made to the gallery a feature。


This is the appearance of the K3。Novel appearance that covers the building of concrete driving range in the chain such as chain mail。

K3 introspection of。The idea of ​​capturing the natural light through the ceiling of the milk white acrylic。Perhaps every season、Each weather、The will to show different facial expressions by time zone。Luxury natural lighting、Moreover, eco。K2、K3 both of Mr. Byron Kim “Sky” Held in。

Located in the immediate vicinity of the KUKJE GALLERY “ARARIO GALLERY”、This gallery is in addition to the city of Seoul suburbs of this space、It is holding a space in Cheonan / Cheonan and Shanghai, China。


It was during the exhibition the Jung Kangja Ms. of paintings and installation is a pioneer of Korean women artists。

Space is also was also very nice work。

There is also an exhibition of popular photographers such as Ryan McGinley and Nick Knight was held、Hugely popular with young people “Daelim Museum” 。It was visited in the early hours on weekdays、What floor was also full of young people。

Daelim Museum

here we have “Paper, Present” It was held during the exhibition of paper craft work entitled。Many people have taken the work in the smartphone。It seems to spread through the SNS, such as in-Star gram has led to an increase in the number of visitors。

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