Slippery seminar

Lesson of this year the last seminar、First grade as usual、It has climbed to Takao in the second grade joint。Even snow by late last month of snowfall、Is Fuminuka in many mountain climbers、Most of the trails in a snow-packed icy state。Because students often participate in sneakers、Was a tough climbing than usual that screams can be heard from here and there。(The often most fall number of times but was I was wearing hiking shoes ...。) But the weather is sunny except for the road conditions、Temperature also Shang missing also cold delegation from the fold、Mt. Fuji seemed To clearly from the summit。
Of course the fact of the downlink is high in the mountains of accident。In the road going from the summit to the dried yam medicine emperor, slippery like it what skating rink、This also fallers after another。It is a relief to be safely down the mountain at all。

Past Takao location
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