Taichung 2018 #1

Tokyo Exhibition "origin that was held at the Museum of Photography from March this year、Forever。In order to participate in the Taiwan traveling exhibition of talk show and opening reception of -2018- "、2I went to Taiwan in bullet tour of nights 3 days。
Hotai is of last year Young Art Taipei / In Photo Eye but continue the second time、Of National Taiwan Museum of Art is now the venue of Taichung City for the first time of visit。To hear the museum, which boasts the scale of Asia's premier、Since well as Taiwan's national character and personality and food was in love with since going last year、It was very forward also this visit。Participating artists from Japan Hiroh Kikai、Keizo Kitajima、Ken Kitano、Toshiya Momose、Takehiko Nakato、Ryo Kameyama、Tokyo Le Mans ℃、(Titles omitted) At the same my total of 8 people。Together writers and moderators of the Taiwan people to this member、3Do the talk show is divided into times of section。I think that Yukitai to introduce them of how the at here.。

First arriving the first day。After dinner at the hotel's restaurant、Drink the street to buy beer at the nearby convenience store。
Age also is also a charm of a group exhibition of overseas also can is also different writers and Kokorooki without dialogue style carriers。

National Taiwan Museum of Art / National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
· Starting Forever - Japan Kiyosato Museum of Photography Collection Featured Exhibition / From the Collection of the Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts : Beginnings, Foreve

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